Shipping and return policies for Autumn Sounds

Shipping Info
Shipped via media mail in the United States. I apologize for the outrageous international shipping cost. It's the absolute cheapest way to send the tapes out because USPS is a fuck.

I am not responsible for any international customs fees you may be charged for your package. I never had this problem except for one time where an artist received their artist copies and was forced to pay $20 in customs fees for apparently no reason. Please be aware of the possibility of customs fees if you live outside the USA, although it is very rare.
Return Policy
Autumn Sounds most often releases music on recycled cassettes (tapes that had previous recordings on them, erased, and the reused). Sometimes these tapes have problems or malfunction. I listen test each tape I send out and NEVER knowingly send out tapes that are faulty. However sometimes errors occur in the middle of the tape or on side B. If you find that your tape has a problem please reach out to me and I will replace the cassette free of charge! (Cassette only, I will NOT send you a second case/art)