by Sheridan Woika

I Explode 04:43


My childhood is like a blur, like maybe I dreamed it or something. I don't really know how else to explain it, so maybe this album is like my way of explaining it. BLAST THIS SHIT LOUD AS FUCK. MAKING THIS ALBUM HELPED ME COPE IN A MASSIVE WAY AND MAYBE IT CAN HELP YOU TOO. EVEN IF IT DOESN'T, I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT. IT WOULD ALSO MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY TO KNOW THAT SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE IS BLASTING THIS. WHENEVER I FEEL FUCKED UP I'LL THINK TO MYSELF THAT SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE IS BLASTING THE ALBUM WITH THE RABBITS ON THE COVER AND IT'S GONNA HELP ME OUT A LOT. If you want to support me please donate for a download or buy a CD or shirt. Obviously nobody can tour or play any shows right now and it sucks, it fucking sucks dog. Like, I have an actually steady job for the first time in my life so I'll be fine pretty much. But it would still be really really cool of you to do. Also my merch is fucking wicked mate. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania if you want to hang out and drink warm water or something. I don't know what people do. I don't know how to talk to other people pretty much at all???? Like I have friends and they're seriously so fucking great but like I wonder if they look at me like I'm some kind of space alien or if they genuinely think I'm nice to be around. Also I have to force myself to look at people in their faces when they're talking to me and I HATE IT. Whoever invented eye contact can honestly go fuck themselves. Did cavemen have to do eye contact? Like I get you don't HAVE to do it but it's like psychology that people will think you're fucked if you never make eye contact. But I don't wanna do it dog. I want to stare at people's knees or something. Listen. I wrote all these fucking songs and produced them and it took so long. I'm pretty unbelievably jazzed about how it turned out because I'm pretty sure there's a literal part of my soul in these recordings. You know how hardcore Amish say you can't get your picture taken because part of your soul will get trapped in the picture? Maybe that's not actually true, but I've heard that before. Maybe it's just an urban legend or something. But, for real, I think that at least sort of happens, at least with music. Like, a little part of me is IN THERE and that's where he lives now. After I'm dead maybe they can pull together all the parts of me from all my different albums, like how in Jurassic Park they had to combine bits of different dinosaurs and stuff to make the guys. You know. Except it would be little bits of albums and songs, and I would turn out as like a weird little mutant monster because there's missing parts! Because, it turns out, there's parts of me I keep so secret that I don't even put them on albums. Well, maybe someday I will. World's changing and I'm changing too, so, you never know. I shaved off all my body hair the other day, and that is a highly recommended activity. Whenever you get in bed with no body hair for the first time, it's like, woah. It's wacky. It's like, what is this sensation. It feels so cash money. Well, I'm running out of stuff to say today. So, I hope you enjoy the music, I hope you keep living well, I hope you eat a lot of carbs, I hope you take showers instead of baths. If you take baths instead of showers, I don't think we can be friends. >>>


released November 13, 2020

All songs by Sheridan Woika.

Sheridan Woika -- Vox, guitars, piano, trumpet, trombone, bass, accordion, dulcimer, violin, bells, keyboards, mixing + mastering

Zachary McGowan -- Audio engineer, production assist, bass

Christopher Wood -- Production assist, mastering assist, synth and organ

SPECIAL THANKS: lil wheezy, Tedland, Kline, Sav, Francis, Laura, Jordan Snowden, Ben Gibbons, Wanjiku, Kimjay, Skinny Nick, Zach & Hollan, Nyquil, 1/3 dip, Short Erin, Prin, Daniel Estrada, Jeremy Bursich... and of course, Levi Sublett.

Logo by @grimlyyy. Cover art by @imlittlbaby.


all rights reserved



Autumn Sounds Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Autumn Sounds is an experimental all genres label based in Pittsburgh doing limited recycled cassette runs. We sometimes also do CDr runs, as well as DVD and VHS releases.
Demos/inquiries can be sent through the contact link (CHECK THE LINK BELOW FIRST!)
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